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Take part and have fun!

The location of Sladen Lodge leaves you spoilt for choice. Whether you want to take your friends and family on an adventure, or have a love of British history, the Peak District doesn’t disappoint.

Hathersage offers a wealth of activities to have a go at or places to visit nearby. For the adventurous there are many organisations offering climbing, caving, and swimming to name but a few. Here’s our list of some of our favourite activities nearby:

Perhaps taking in the history and culture of the Peak District is more your pace, in which case you may like to visit Bakewell for its famous puddings or Chatsworth House to explore the stately grounds for the day.

From our choice of local excursions there’s bound to be something for everyone:

Eyam the Plague Village

Famous for the villagers heroism during the Black Death in 1665 as they isolated themselves to prevent the spread of the disease and save lives! A walk through the village will take you back in time honouring the bravery of past residents and the many tearooms are a perfect way to end your trip with afternoon tea. One lump of two?

Haddon Hall

A middle aged masterpiece, this house and gardens has been described as a sleeping beauty, its interiors unchanged for 200 years! Being free to roam the estate allows even the more mature visitors to be transported to an imaginative state experiencing the medieval way of life.